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DENA is Gaby López Dena working with space through architecture, installation, and film. Gaby’s projects are often collaborative and transdisciplinary. They range from an off-the-grid house built while shooting a film about its construction process (Maleza, Ocotitlán House), to a geometric LED veil covering the four facades of a historic building with a subatomic pattern (Xipe Tótec), to a fashion designer’s showroom hidden inside an apartment (Marika Vera).

DENA also produces work for other architects and visual artists. These projects include the fabrication of a large-scale installation where industrial beams cross human bronze heads (Fractal Zoo), the production of an experimental film involving millions of Monarch butterflies in the Mexican forest (INCOMPLT), and the design of a puzzle-like installation with the aesthetics of art shipping crates (Yo Transporto).

DENA started in Mexico City but Gaby is now based in Brooklyn. Please feel free to get in touch!

For other work and some texts by Gaby López Dena, please visit this site.

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