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Fractal Zoo

with Etienne Chambaud 


Variable dimensions
Steel, bronze
Installation view, The Naked Parrot, LABOR, CDMX, Mexico

Fractal Zoo is a self-supporting structure with no fixed shape that has been inhabited and abandoned by pigeons. It is composed of bronze human figures crossed over by industrial beams. On this fragile yet massive structure, birds have lived, yet are gone. What remains of them are sketches of their feathers and traces of their induced colored feces.

For this work, DENA designed and fabricated the steel structural system that shaped the installation. Through a lost-wax process, we also created fifteen bronze human heads that work as mechanical joints. Additionally, DENA carried out the installation process in the gallery space.

An installation by Etienne Chambaud
Produced by DENA

Production team: Gaby López Dena, Emiliano García, Neftalí Infante, José Luis Roldán