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ESG The Praying Machine

with Txema Novelo


120 x 120 x 120 cmHigh-gloss laquer, MDF, flat steel, ocote, record player, vynil Installation view, Emerald, Saphire and Gold, Yautepec Gallery, CDMX, Mexico

ESG The Praying Machine is an architectural installation that serves as a mobile temple. The color palette of the work, suggests the avant-garde funk-punk 80’s group Emerald, Sapphire and Gold (ESG) as well as the three the gifts that the Three Kings gave to the new born Jesus Christ. The installation reaches out to the audience’s inner spiritual beliefs, regardless of their nature, and functions as a gnostic machine: anyone who uses it can satisfy the need for a ritual experience.

An installation by Txema Novelo
Produced by DENA

Production team: Gaby López Dena,  Francisco Santander